Genv 0.9.0 is out! This version brings GPU over-subscription!

Use, share & monitor your GPU effortlessly & efficiently with Genv


A Fully Open-Source Environment Management Software for GPUs.

Inspired by projects like Conda, PyEnv and Venv, Genv’s virtual environments allow you to isolate your GPU(s) by project or user, and allocate compute efficiently and effortlessly.

Genv streamlines resource sharing for data science teams with advanced features like fractional GPUs, GPU quotas for data scientists; admin modes, and easy monitoring for system administrators, boosting the whole team’s overall productivity.

Learn more about how to install it in a single command, and how easily it integrates with other tools.

Genv Features

Coming Soon

Monitoring remote machines without installing Genv

with Prometheus and Grafana dashboards

Kubernetes Support

Seamless integration with Kubernetes clusters

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Why Genv ?

Kudos from people who love our work:

Luca Dombetzki

Data Scientist @ikigai

In the age of reducing unnecessary meetings, this would have saved a lot of “are you using this? And how long? And can I help you to be done quicker?

Yannic Kilcher

CTO @DeepJudge, YouTuber

In case you are in a lab and you share GPUs with others, this tool is a must have. I wish this had existed during my PhD!


Absolutely! Genv provides the capability to pool all of your machines in a cluster, enabling you to access them at any time. For more information on how to utilize this remote feature, please refer to the documentation available here.

Yes, it is! The Genv container toolkit seamlessly integrates Genv with containers and tools like Docker. By leveraging this integration, you can harness GPU environment capabilities within containers, including GPU memory capacity management (GPU fractions), enforcement, monitoring, and more. To learn how to make the most of this functionality, check out our detailed guide.

Indeed, Genv fully supports CLI usage. To get started using Genv from the command line, we recommend following the Quickstart guide for a smooth introduction.

We are here to assist you! Simply join our Discord server using this link and post your questions in the dedicated #question channel. We will be glad to help you out with any queries you may have.

Fantastic! We appreciate your input. Feel free to join our Discord server using this link and share your feature requests in Genv’s dedicated #feature-request channel. We value your ideas and will carefully consider them for future developments.

Very soon! We are actively working on bringing Genv into the Kubernetes ecosystem. In the near future, you will be able to utilize Genv seamlessly within your Kubernetes cluster. To stay informed about the availability of this feature, we recommend joining our Discord server. We will make an announcement there as soon as it is released!

Genv caters to various user groups, including data scientists who need to share GPUs within a team, as well as individual data scientists who work on multiple projects simultaneously and require GPU resources for each project. Additionally, system administrators who are responsible for resource allocation and ensuring appropriate permissions for GPU usage can also benefit from using Genv. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for all these user roles.

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